No Heat From A Central Heating System: What Can Cause It & The Cost For A Replacement

Has your central heating system stopped warming up your home? Don't invest in a new system until you make sure a simple repair is not all that is needed, as the heat pump may be the problem. Discover what can cause a central heating system to stop warming up a house and the cost for a replacement if repairs can't be made.

What Can Cause a Central Heating System to Stop Releasing Warm Air?

In order for a central heating system to warm up a home to the fullest extent, the heat pump must be working. The heat pump pulls our cool air and pulls in warm air from outside. However, heat can also come from an auxiliary heater that kicks in when it is too cold for the heat pump to pull in warm air. The pump will not work well if the motor is covered in dirt, but a specialist can clean it to find out if that will solve the problem.

The furnace to your system may also be the reason your home is not getting warm. Not even a functional heat pump can heat up a home with a malfunctioning furnace. It is vital for the pilot to be lit so combustion can complete and create heat for your home. Dirt can interfere with how well a pilot works and can also pose a fire hazard. Ask a heating specialist to make sure there is no dirt or debris clogging up the pilot and preventing a flame from igniting.

Dirty air ducts can also interfere with the level of heat in your house. If you have never had the air ducts cleaned before, get it done before you decide that a new system is needed. Dirt, pet dander and even rodents can block the air ducts and affect the efficiency of the heater.

How Much Does a New Central Heating System Cost?

The cost for a new heating system will depend on how much of the old system is still functional. Investing in a system that requires a new furnace and ductwork, you can pay up to $22,000 for it to be installed. The price will also depend on the quality of the system and size of your home.

Don't suffer through cold nights because your central heating system is not producing warm air. Contact a heating specialist (such as Wightman Mechanical) to inspect, make repairs or replace the central heating system with a new one!