Four Hazardous Asbestos Materials That Will Surprise You When Doing Renovations

Hazardous materials can be found in many construction materials and may even be found in places you would not think. When you are doing renovations to your home, things like vermiculite and asbestos can be found in tile, siding, insulation and many other materials. This material has been used in manufacturing construction materials until the 1990s, and you may not even realize that you and your family are at risk:

1. Fire-Retardant Materials

There are different areas of homes and residential properties that can have fire-retardant materials. This can be in areas like firewalls in duplexes, townhouses and row-homes. The materials used here can often contain vermiculite products, which can have asbestos in it. 

2. Flooring Materials Such As Laminate Tiles 

Tile can be another area where you can find vermiculite and asbestos. Many of the laminate tiles and flooring that were manufactured contain this material, and the process of removing these materials can release asbestos into your home. Before you remove old laminate flooring yourself, it is a good idea to at least have it tested to see if it contains asbestos. If there is no asbestos, you can remove it yourself, but if the tile contains asbestos, you will want to have a professional service remove it for you.

3. Cement Fiber Products Such As Siding

Cement fiber products like cement siding materials can contain vermiculite with traces of asbestos. These materials are often covered up with new siding materials when renovations are being done. If you find layers of siding during renovations, and some of it is cement fiberboard, you will want to test it for asbestos. Other products like cement backing for tile work can also contain these materials and should be tested.

4. Insulation Materials In The Walls And Attic

Insulation is another material that can contain vermiculite and other asbestos containing minerals. This can be found in the batten insulation in the walls of your home or in places like the attic. The attic is of particular concern because often the type of insulation found here is spray insulation. The spray in insulation is lose and the particles from these hazardous materials can easily enter your home and cause a health risk.

These are some of the things that you may want to worry about if you have an older home that you are renovating. Even homes that are not that old can have products that contain asbestos materials. You will want to contact a professional asbestos and vermiculite removal service to help you with testing and removal of asbestos containing vermiculite.