Revitalizing Your Home’s Existing Asphalt Driveway

When your old asphalt driveway is cracking or discolored, you want to find ways of making it look new again. To do so, you have a few options for enhancing look of your current driveway.

Repair the Damage

Before you can change the overall look of your driveway, you need a paving company to repair any damage. This means that the company must fill in any holes or cracks throughout the surface.

The pavers will start by removing the broken pieces and any loose debris from inside the cracks and holes. After cleaning out the damaged areas, the workers will pour in the new asphalt and press it down. If needed, the workers will also smooth out the asphalt with hand tools so your driveway has an even layer.

Add New Top Layer

One issue with repairing the damage done to your driveway is the uneven appearance. The new asphalt will be darker, which makes the repair work very noticeable. To hide this, you will need to add a new top layer.

A basic top coat is black, but you can choose to add color to the asphalt if you prefer a unique look for your driveway. Colored asphalt goes on the same way, except the paving company adds a dye to the mixture. The dyes are generally darker colors such as burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown and deep blue.

If you want to add some more decoration to your driveway, you can pick a specific pattern and have the pavers replicate it with different colored asphalt. For example, the edges can stay black, while the center of your driveway is burgundy. The color choices and designs you choose will depend solely on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Prevent New Damage

Once the new top layer is in place, you want to have the paving company seal it. Most sealants go on clear and stop rainwater, snow and ice from creating new cracks. Some companies also offer sealants that help reduce fading, which occurs after constant exposure to direct sunlight.

The only thing to remember is that sealants must be reapplied to continue working properly. You will need to ask the paving company how often this should be done, since each product has its own durations before needing to be reapplied.

By repairing your driveway, adding a new layer of asphalt and sealing it, you have the opportunity of making the pavement look brand new again. This process will take some time and effort, but the overall look is well worth the work. To get started, contact a company like Curtis Paving Vancouver.