Repairing Damaged Stucco: Easy Steps

Stucco is a popular material used as an exterior and interior wall covering. It is durable, can be painted in any color, and also provides some extra insulation for the home. If you have stucco and it has suffered a crack or other damage, making repairs is easy if you follow these steps.

Prepping The Stucco

Stucco is repaired by making a patch to cover the damaged area. You can purchase plain white stucco mixture and then choose a matching pigment to add to it in order to ensure that the color will match what's already there. First, mix the plainly colored stucco per the instructions on the packaging. It should have the consistency of paste. Once the white stucco is mixed, blend in the pigment slowly until you see it match your current stucco color. It's a good idea to only mix a small amount of pigment at a time so it doesn't turn out too dark.

Getting The Surface Ready

In order for the new stucco to adhere, you will need to prep the surface so that it's smooth. Use a mason's chisel and a small hammer to chip away any loose stucco, and then wipe all debris away. Most stucco is installed using a wire mesh underneath. You will need to check the mesh underneath to ensure it is not damaged or warped. If you notice that the mesh has some damage, cut a new piece and replace it, reattaching the new piece using galvanized nails. Now your surface should be prepped and ready to apply the new stucco.

Replacing The Stucco

In addition to the stucco, you should have a patching compound handy made just for stucco. Mix a batch of the patching compound according to the manufacturer's directions, and use a trowel to push it into the wire mesh. Be sure you completely fill in the opening, and then apply your stucco over it. Apply enough of the stucco so that it's a bit higher than the rest of the wall. Next, smooth the surface out until it's smooth using a piece of wood or cardboard over it. Discard any excess material that you've wiped away. If your stucco is textured, you will want to use a tool to create swirls or a sponge to create a stippled look to ensure that it matches the current texture you have. Let the stucco set and it once it's dry, it should look as good as new.

If you don't feel up to the task yourself, look to Abaco Plastering & Stucco Ltd stucco repair services or other local contractors that work with stucco.