How To Upgrade Your Home With Custom Woodworking

Upgrading your home is something you may consider for several months or years before you do it. Traditionally, homeowners consider options like upgrading carpeting or a bathroom renovation. Homeowners are taking on the idea of adding custom woodworking as part of their home upgrades or renovations. Here are some of the ways custom woodworking contractors can add a distinct style and accent to your home renovation. 


Staircases are one of the more common areas using custom woodworking designs. You can have the rails on the staircase carved with different designs or patterns. You can also have your woodworking contractor create designs that fit the rest of your home decor theme. Each spindle of the staircase can also use woodworking upgrades to draw the eye to patterns, designs, or simply to the wood you choose. The idea with a custom woodworking staircase is that the stairs are unique and fit your theme. 

Crown Molding

Crown molding is an option that many homeowners consider during a renovation. There are several benefits to having custom-crafted wood crown molding. In addition to adding to your already well-decorated and renovated room, you can also help with energy costs. The area where the wall connects with the ceiling can have air leaks and cause energy issues. You can seal the area with wall sealant or silicone. The problem is, it may not offer the seamless look you want. By adding custom wood crown molding, you can cover the area and give a finished look. 

Interior and Exterior Doorways

The doorways into and around your home may seem plain. They may be standard to the original home construction. During a renovation, you can hire a custom woodworking contractor to help upgrade the interior and exterior doorways. Each door can have a special carving or you can have carved designs that fit your theme. You can also have doors created by the contractor that resemble vintage doors. Examples of the vintage doors you can have created are Victorian, barn-style interior doors, and Tudor-style doors. 

Your custom woodworking contractor can evaluate your home to determine what upgrades are available. They can also take your ideas and create sketches of the woodworking they can do for you. If you want specific designs or wood materials used in the renovations, let your contractor know. They can ensure the woods will hold up to the designs and the traffic depending on the room.