Stressful Profession? How A Zen-Inspired Office Can Help You And Your Employees Get Through The Day

Do you have a high-stress profession? If you do, you're not alone. Many professionals consider their jobs stressful. Thankfully, there are ways to cut down the stress level in your office environment. Reducing stress will benefit you and your employees. Less stress may lead to better productivity and fewer missed work days due to illness.

How Zen can help

Zen is about balance and harmony. It's about elegant simplicity and being connected to the natural world around you. Research reveals that nature has a calming effect on the human mind. Bringing a sense of the natural environment indoors to your office creates a connection to the outdoors. 

Aesthetic principles are at the foundation of Zen office design. Less is more. When the mind is in a state of tranquility, it energizes the body. A mind at peace may help to foster creativity in the workplace.

Earthy elements

You will want to incorporate as many natural elements as possible into your work environment. Replacing classic white tile flooring with wood or laminate flooring will help to create a warm and natural feel. Wood evokes feelings of warmth and is less glaring and cold than tile.

A water fountain is a great addition to an office. The sound of a waterfall is a great noise reducer and provides a sense of being outdoors by a peaceful mountain stream. A large aquarium filled with plants and exotic fish is also a good way to bring nature in. The addition of live plants or flowers is an easy way to add the elements of nature to your office.

Natural light

Install additional windows in your office if possible. If your office structure has limited windows, you can still bring natural light in by using plenty of candles. Candlelight is soothing to the soul. Just make sure to use unscented candles or consider flameless candles to protect those employees who may be sensitive to scents or perfumes. A skylight panel installed in the ceiling is another good option to provide natural light.

Conceal the clutter

Zen and clutter do not go together. Clutter can lead to stress. You should have plenty of storage closets installed to store extra files and office supplies. If adding additional closets for storage isn't an option, consider a wall unit with storage baskets to conceal office supplies, magazines, books, etc.

Wide open spaces

Open living spaces are popular in homes and they also look great in an office. Open spaces provide a feeling of freedom. Arranging work stations in an open space is less confining than a room full of cubicles. Zen design means quality versus quantity. Downsize as much as possible. Huge and bulky desks take up valuable space. Forget the bling. Aim for a clean and open space where nothing is screaming for attention.

You don't have to work in a cluttered and stressful environment. Find a interior design specialist, such as the WDI Group. Schedule a consultation with them to discuss your goals for creating a Zen-inspired office space for you and your employees. Their input and ideas will help you design a workplace where stress is replaced by harmony and balance.