Items You Should Pack When You Go RV-ing

When camping in a trailer, you should be prepared with the essentials you'll need to get through your adventure with ease. It's best to plan ahead and have everything you'll need. It isn't just clothing and a little bit of food. You'll need much more than that. If you are looking into camp trailer rentals, you'll need to check with the rental company to see what comes in your trailer. Even if you own your own trailer, this is a good checklist to have as well. See below for a listing of items to bring with you, and a few tips.

Kitchen Necessities

  • Grill. Depending on your trailer, you may have a stove, but cooking on a grill is sometimes a little easier. Look for a small portable grill, either a propane grill or a charcoal grill. Be sure to have charcoal and lighter fluid if using a charcoal one.
  • Lighter. Bring a long lighter to light your grill, or your camp fire.
  • Storage. Be sure to have plenty of storage containers, zip lock bags and aluminum foil. These will come in handy when you have leftovers you want to save.
  • Dishes. Bring dishes and utensils with you, if they are not in the trailer already. Look for dishes that are durable and can be washed, or use paper plates.
  • Cooking. Have cooking utensils for cooking on your grill, or for cooking inside the trailer. Bring a handful of pots and pans if your trailer doesn't already have them. 
  • Food-Prep. Food-prep items like cutting boards, knives and colanders are good to have on hand as well. 
  • Coffee. Coffee or tea pots, as well as cups and add-ins, such as cream and sugar, if you prefer. Don't forget filters if your coffee pot requires them.

Cleaning Necessities

  • Dish Soap. You'll want to do dishes, so be sure to bring soap, sponges, brushes, paper towels and other cleaners with you.
  • Broom. A broom, dustpan and mop will come in handy for spills and quick clean up of dirt that gets carried into the trailer on your feet.
  • Trash Bags. Bring plenty of trash bags with you for easy cleanup. Take the trash bags to the designated trash bins to keep wild animals out of your trash.

Outdoor Necessities

  • Chairs. Bring along plenty of seating for your family, and a handful of extras just in case.
  • Tablecloths. Tablecloths come in handy to cover picnic tables. Use clips to hold them in place.
  • Lighting. Lanterns, sting lights and flashlights are needed for those dark nights.
  • Tool Set. This will come in handy for inside and outside. You never know when you may need a hammer or a screwdriver, so it's good to have them on hand.

Other Necessities

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Cell phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Games, coloring books and crayons, cards, dice and movies.

These necessities are good to have on hand, but check first with your trailer rental company to see what comes in your trailer before you begin packing.