Considerations When Making A Choice Of Shower Glass Doors

One of the most common fixtures in household bathrooms is a shower curtain. Although these may add some aesthetic appeal to your bathroom in the beginning, they may not be the best option. Not only do they let water leak through, but they can also become a breeding ground for mold if not cleaned and ventilated appropriately. That is why shower glass doors are increasing in popularity. Whether your home has a bathtub or a separate enclosure to shower in, you can be assured of finding glass doors that will fit. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when making a choice of shower glass doors.

Safety and maintenance

When it comes to glass shower doors, the first thing to keep in mind is your safety. You should ensure you are only purchasing safety glass. Although this type of glass is quite sturdy, in the unfortunate circumstance that it breaks, you do not have to worry about numerous shards that will be a traumatic accident waiting to happen.

In addition to being safe, the shower glass doors are also quite easy to maintain. Unlike shower curtains, they do not provide a suitable environment for mold to adhere to. Thus, you do not have to worry about your doors eventually becoming a breeding ground. They are also quite easy to clean, as all you would be required to do is wipe them down once you are done with your shower.

Choose between clear or frosted glass

In general, your choice of frosted or clear glass largely depends on your own personal preferences, as they work the same. However, here are some tips you could use when making a decision.

The first thing to consider would be the illumination in your bathroom. Frosted glass tends to take away quite a bit of lighting due to their opacity. If the bathroom is well lit, then this should not be a problem. However, if your shower enclosure is dimly lit, clear glass may be a better option.

The second consideration would be privacy. Frosted glass will offer more privacy, but if you are not sharing the room with anyone, then this may not be a factor to consider. Alternatively, you could opt to combine the two for the best of both worlds. Typically frosted glass can be used for the bottom half of the shower to protect your privacy, then clear glass can be used on top. This option allows you to let in light into your shower while still keeping your decency if it is a shared shower.