Beyond Safety Gear: Further Safety Measures For Tree Trimming

The most obvious safety tip for tree trimming is to have the right safety gear. This includes a hard hat, gloves, goggles, ladder, harness and others. However, tree trimming safety isn't all about safety gear; there are other measures you need to take. Here are five crucial safety measures to observe:

Place Your Feet on Different Branches

If you are not using a tree-trimming ladder, then you should secure yourself to the tree using a harness and rope. Once you are high up on the tree, you should not place both feet on a single branch. Standing on two branches means that you will still be supported if one branch breaks (it's unlikely that two branches will break at the same time).

Have a Trimming Buddy

Any activity that involves climbing heights should never be done without a helper. You need a buddy to help you with different things, such as holding the ladder while you are on it or passing the tools to you as you need them. Also, a buddy can call for help if something goes wrong and you get injured.

Don't Climb With Cutting Tools

Go up without the tools so that you can use both hands to hold onto whatever you are climbing (ladder or tree). You also need your hands free to react, for example by grabbing a branch, if something goes wrong. Climbing with cutting tools is also risky because you can accidentally cut yourself. Once you are at the top, your helper can attach the tools to ropes, allowing you to pull them up.

Know Your Limits

One of the best safety advises you will ever hear about DIY projects is to know and respect your limits. When it comes to tree trimming, this means knowing which tools you can use safely, which branches are too big for you to handle, and which safety gear you have, among other things. Do not compromise or improvise as far as safety issues are concerned. For example, if you need a rope of a certain thickness, don't use the rationalization that "this looks strong enough" so that you can use a thinner harness.

Even with all these safety tips, it's still not advisable to trim trees if there are potential complications. Such complications include power lines near the trees or nearby houses that can be damaged by falling branches. In such cases, leave the work to qualified tree professionals, like those at All Season Tree Service, who know how to deal with such risks.