Garage Door Parts You Will Replace Often

Every time you use your garage door, you place normal wear and tear on its components. There are parts of your garage door that you will replace from time to time to keep it working in its best condition. As you learn what these parts are and why they need replaced, you can be better prepared to maintain your garage door so it lasts for many years.


The springs on your garage door are responsible for allowing the door to open and close smoothly, whether you open your door manually or with a remote. These springs need to be properly lubricated to allow them to maintain their natural elasticity, and they will need to be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. A single cycle is opening and closing your garage door. If you use your garage door several times a day, you will find yourself replacing them fairly frequently. If your garage door closes too rapidly or is sluggish in opening, your springs may be to blame and may need replacement.

Safety sensors

The safety sensors on your garage door are what make the door stop motion if it detects something in its way when closing. Over time, these sensors can become less responsive, either due to wear, damage, or even debris. If your garage door fails to stop when a person or object is in the way, replace your safety sensors to keep your garage door in safe operation.


The rails of your garage door are what hold your door in place so it can open and close without getting stuck. Your rails can become bent or damaged from being used all the time, and can cause your door to become jammed or unhinged when you attempt to use it. If your garage door shakes or makes a squealing sound when opening or closing, your rails may be to blame. If lubricating them doesn't solve the problem, replacement is likely your best option.


Your remote allows you to open and close your garage from the click of a button. Over time, your remote can lose its connection to your garage door sensors, and can fail to work properly. If you can still open and close your garage door manually without the use of your remote, then the remote is the most likely problem in a stubborn door. Replacing your remote is the best way to enable you to continue opening and closing your garage door without having to do so manually.

Your garage door will need replacement parts from time to time. In being able to diagnose the garage door parts that are causing issues, you can replace them quickly as part of your normal maintenance plan and keep your garage door in excellent working condition for longer periods of time.