How To Fix Warped Window Seals

Wooden window sills are an important stylistic element of any window. At the same time, a window sills ends up being used to set plants, sodas and other objects that ultimately damage the sill. Fixing your window sills is not very difficult, but it is vital to the style and functionality of your entire window. If the sill is warped or water damaged, the window sash will not have a flat surface to close on. As a result, the window might not create a perfect seal when it is closed. This article explains how to restore a damaged wooden window sill. 

Prep and Sand the Sill

Before you begin, tape off every edge of the sill. Use painter's tape to protect the jambs and the wall from getting damaged during the sanding and painting. Also, cover the floor around the window fixture so you don't get dust all over. If there is severe warping in the wood, you will need to use a hand planer to flatten it out. However, if you have a power sander, you can usually fix most warping.

Filling the Holes and Grains

When you sand out a warped piece of hardwood, you will open up the wood grains. At this point, the grains will be very exposed and vulnerable to even worse water damage. This is why it is so vital to completely fill all of the cracks with wood filler. Use a high-density wood filler that is intended for hardwoods. Then, after the putty is completely dry, you will need to resand the surface to make it flat again.

Painting the Sill

Before you paint the sill, you should prime it. Primer is essential because it protects against water damage and ensures that the paint goes on evenly. When choosing the new paint for your sill, you have a few options. You obviously want to choose the same color, but you can alter the sheen or use an exterior paint for more strength. An exterior paint will be a little shinier, but it will also be easier to keep clean and water resistant. Apply two coats of paint so you don't have to repeat these steps any time soon.

With newly painted and resurfaced sills, you can enjoy a tighter seal on your sashes. This great DIY project is a great place to start if your wooden windows are aging and need a facelift.

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Howald Windows & Doors.