Tips For Keeping Your New Deck Safe And Secure

A deck is an invaluable feature at any home, especially when you enjoy outdoor living or entertaining. However, the elements can cause issues that interfere with enjoyment and safety of the space. Unwanted intruders are also a potential danger. Consider the following tips to help keep your deck safe, secure, and disaster-free:

Reduce slips on steps. You don't want a friend or family member to take a nasty tumble on a slick deck; be sure to protect them underfoot with treads on pressure-treated or other slippery surfaces. This includes steps and stairs, and there is some adhesive grit-paper that can be used for tread when the surface is slick.

Protect your privacy. Prevent peeping Toms from coming around your deck and protect the privacy of your property. Use wood or PVC lattice to enclose the deck space which will help to obscure the view of your property from passersby. You can further impede the view of your deck by planting climbing vines and ivy to help fill in the spaces of your lattice; plus, add a living feature to your landscape.

Really consider your railings. Railings are a very important aspect of any deck construction, and you should always protect people on and around your deck with sturdy, secure railings. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best kind for distinct decks.

Get gates with locking doors. Deter trespassers from accessing your outdoor living areas with solid metal gates that have inside and outside locks. This will allow you to secure your stuff when away, as well as ensure your family's safety when they are enjoying the space. Some vendors may offer security systems that can be integrated into your deck's fencing, gates, and doors.

Light up your outdoor space. A big problem that many encounter when trying to enjoy their outdoor decks is lighting. Be sure that your space is illuminated, which will discourage intruders and also protect people from tripping, slipping, and falling. Motion-sensor lighting may also reduce the risk of being burglarized, and it could reduce what you pay for property insurance coverage.

A well-built deck brings a lot to a property, including increased curb appeal and even higher home valuation. Be sure that your deck doesn't pose any safety hazards to your family, friends, and guests that you invite to your home. Talk with deck contractors and home improvement retailers about the best ways to keep your deck safe, secure, and stylish this summer.