Heavy Lifters – A Primer Guide To Base Kitchen Cabinets

When you're planning your new kitchen, the cabinets you choose will go a long way toward determining how efficient and useful it ends up being. So, choosing your cabinetry well is vital. To help you get started, here's a handy guide to the most important cabinets in the kitchen: the base cabinets.

What Are They? 

Base cabinets are the cabinets underneath the counter tops. Base -- or "lower" -- cabinets perform the bulk of heavy storage. They can be custom designed to fit your kitchen's specific layout and your personal cooking style. 

What Options Do You Have? 

Selecting base cabinets used to just be about choosing between shelves and a drawer. But today's cabinetry design allows for a lot more choice. You can choose such custom options as:

  • Pull-out cabinets, which are great for storing things like spices and food
  • Two-drawer cabinets with deep, sturdy storage for large or bulky cookware
  • Corner storage with built-in lazy Susans for easy access
  • Hanging racks and hooks on doors to maximize storage quantity
  • Pull-out garbage and recycling stations for easier clean-up
  • Custom-designed drawers, such as built-in spice racks or organizers
  • Tall, narrow shelving for things like baking sheets and cutting boards
  • Angled tip-out drawers for small items nears sinks or other appliances

How Can You Best Use Them? 

Base cabinets are the workhorse of the kitchen, so make full use of them when planning your layout and storage needs. By building the lower cabinets wisely, you may be able to use fewer upper cabinets... thereby freeing up wall space and making the kitchen more open. You can also clear space on the counters by building in dedicated storage for small appliances like food processors, coffee machines, or toasters.

Designing cabinets with easier access to the insides and backs of the cabinet will allow you to use them more completely and prevent waste from lost items. In addition, work with your cabinetry contractor to make full use of narrow or odd spaces around the appliances and walls, increasing storage potential. Using all available space for lower cabinets will help you maximize the possibilities in any size kitchen. 

By knowing how to use the full potential of your lower cabinets when you are designing them, you can improve the overall layout of the entire kitchen. This ways, you can create a space that's simple and enjoyable to use for years to come. For help designing your custom cabinetry, contact a company like Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry.