When Is Cabinet Refacing A Better Investment Than Replacement?

Cabinets are one of the most visible features in a typical kitchen. As they age and suffer use that slowly starts looking like abuse, though, they can degrade rather than enhance the appearance of a room. There are two common solutions to this problem: cabinet refacing or replacement.

Replacement is generally considered the more expensive and aggressive of the two, but it's necessary in some circumstances. Take a look at when cabinet refacing service is worth it versus when you might have to replace your cabinets.

There's Still a Solid Structure

Even if there are problems with the doors or hinges, it's important that the cabinets are solid. Cabinet refacing is oftentimes the simplest solution in scenarios where the wood is still in good shape. Conversely, expect to replace the cabinets and even some of the underlying wood if you're see crumbling or dry rot.

In the most aggressive form of refacing, the hinges and doors will be removed and replaced. You might get lucky, though, and only need to resurface the doors and the surrounding structure with either laminate or wood veneers.

Simple Changes Will Provide Major Upgrades

A cabinet refacing effort doesn't necessarily mean stripping everything off and starting new. If the surfaces are still in good shape, you might want to consider swapping out the knobs and pulls. For example, pulls that have gotten dull with age and will no longer polish up well can be removed. If you want to give the kitchen a new look, simply use fresh hardware that employs a different style.

The Look Can No Longer Be Replicated

Especially with fairly exotic-looking wood patterns, it's not always easy to match existing materials with off-the-shelf options. For example, you might have a single door that's significantly damaged. If the right materials were available, you'd simply swap the door out. Without access to those materials, it might be simpler to do a complete refacing.

Limited Time

Putting in replacement cabinets is an investment in terms of time just as much as it is in terms of money. If the circumstances allow you to do cabinet refacing, you may be able to reduce the amount of time the project requires.

Some contractors are even able to send simpler projects, usually ones involving refacing of doors, to their shops. The hardware comes off when the job starts, and it goes back on when it's done. You end up seeing very little of the work, reducing the mess and disruption in your home.

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