3 Reasons To Go With A Solid Fence In Your Backyard

If you bought a barebones home not too long ago, you may have gotten used to living in a place with few features inside and outside. But you may intend on adding features over time to make the property feel more complete and to improve your family's satisfaction with living there.

When you are ready to add a backyard fence, you will need to figure out all the important details before installation professionals can work. Prioritizing a solid backyard fence over one with gaps between the pickets and posts is worth doing for some of the great benefits it can provide.


A solid fence is an excellent addition to your backyard because it will be able to provide reliable privacy for your whole family. While you can expect to get privacy from your neighbors, your backyard may be positioned in a way that even pedestrians on the sidewalk can see inside.

Getting a fence that blocks their view can make enough of an impact on privacy that your family may feel better about going outside to enjoy a variety of activities.


While there is nothing wrong with wind blowing through your property, you may know that it can cause problems for some existing features or ones that you would like to add. If you want to grow delicate plants or add features such as bird feeders that are susceptible to heavy winds, you will appreciate the fact that a solid fence can block a lot of wind from coming through the area.

Although you may want to protect these features in other ways from different dangers, you may feel more confident about adding them when you know that wind will not be a possible issue.


Adding a fence with visible gaps will make it so that pests can get into your backyard with relative ease. If rabbits can squeeze through any of the gaps, you may not want to grow certain plants on the ground since they may not last long after a rabbit sneaks into your yard and starts snacking.

A solid fence makes it so that you do not have to worry about certain wild animals from invading your backyard. But you can also look forward to protecting your backyard against a lot of insects because you can use insect-repellent wood with a solid design to keep them from getting inside.

When you are looking to install a backyard fence that will provide you with a lot of significant benefits, you cannot go wrong with a solid one.