2 Situations When A Hot Shot Service Can Be Useful For An Oilfield Construction Site

If you are in the oilfield construction industry and have never heard of -- or used -- a hot shot service, you are missing out on a potentially helpful service that can do a lot for your company. Dealing with issues when you're off the beaten path and in the middle of an oilfield construction project can be a major pain, but a hot shot service -- which provides deliveries at any time of the night or day, for a fee -- can be helpful. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your New Deck Safe And Secure

A deck is an invaluable feature at any home, especially when you enjoy outdoor living or entertaining. However, the elements can cause issues that interfere with enjoyment and safety of the space. Unwanted intruders are also a potential danger. Consider the following tips to help keep your deck safe, secure, and disaster-free: Reduce slips on steps. You don't want a friend or family member to take a nasty tumble on a slick deck; be sure to protect them underfoot with treads on pressure-treated or other slippery surfaces. Read More 

Signs That Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

If you have an unfinished basement, you may not go down there on a daily basis. If this is the case, you can easily miss some of the more subtle signs that water is leaking into the base of your structure. You don't have to have pools of standing water to have a moisture problem. Few things can threaten your home as much as moisture. Even small amounts of water can lead to mold and mildew forming and insects like termites forming colonies in your support beams. Read More 

Repairing Damaged Stucco: Easy Steps

Stucco is a popular material used as an exterior and interior wall covering. It is durable, can be painted in any color, and also provides some extra insulation for the home. If you have stucco and it has suffered a crack or other damage, making repairs is easy if you follow these steps. Prepping The Stucco Stucco is repaired by making a patch to cover the damaged area. You can purchase plain white stucco mixture and then choose a matching pigment to add to it in order to ensure that the color will match what's already there. Read More 

How To Fix Warped Window Seals

Wooden window sills are an important stylistic element of any window. At the same time, a window sills ends up being used to set plants, sodas and other objects that ultimately damage the sill. Fixing your window sills is not very difficult, but it is vital to the style and functionality of your entire window. If the sill is warped or water damaged, the window sash will not have a flat surface to close on. Read More