Repairing Damaged Stucco: Easy Steps

Stucco is a popular material used as an exterior and interior wall covering. It is durable, can be painted in any color, and also provides some extra insulation for the home. If you have stucco and it has suffered a crack or other damage, making repairs is easy if you follow these steps. Prepping The Stucco Stucco is repaired by making a patch to cover the damaged area. You can purchase plain white stucco mixture and then choose a matching pigment to add to it in order to ensure that the color will match what's already there. Read More 

How To Fix Warped Window Seals

Wooden window sills are an important stylistic element of any window. At the same time, a window sills ends up being used to set plants, sodas and other objects that ultimately damage the sill. Fixing your window sills is not very difficult, but it is vital to the style and functionality of your entire window. If the sill is warped or water damaged, the window sash will not have a flat surface to close on. Read More 

Garage Door Parts You Will Replace Often

Every time you use your garage door, you place normal wear and tear on its components. There are parts of your garage door that you will replace from time to time to keep it working in its best condition. As you learn what these parts are and why they need replaced, you can be better prepared to maintain your garage door so it lasts for many years. Springs The springs on your garage door are responsible for allowing the door to open and close smoothly, whether you open your door manually or with a remote. Read More 

Tips To Help Build Your Garden

Building up a garden can take considerable time and effort. This is especially true if your soil is of poor quality. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to build up your garden over time and overcome any soil challenges. To help ensure your garden is getting the care it needs, here are some things you need to know.   Test Your Soil Just knowing that your soil is not good for growing a garden is not enough. Read More 

Beyond Safety Gear: Further Safety Measures For Tree Trimming

The most obvious safety tip for tree trimming is to have the right safety gear. This includes a hard hat, gloves, goggles, ladder, harness and others. However, tree trimming safety isn't all about safety gear; there are other measures you need to take. Here are five crucial safety measures to observe: Place Your Feet on Different Branches If you are not using a tree-trimming ladder, then you should secure yourself to the tree using a harness and rope. Read More